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I have been playing on Roll20 since 2017; I have a Pro account, and I have over 1000 hours of game play. Alejandro's game was one of the most fun sessions I've played in some time. He understands the rules; however, he does not allow the rules as written to diminish player creativity, game flow, or any other facet of DnD that makes the game one of the most popular in the world today. Our escape scene last night (that's all I'll say because NO SPOILERS) was intense. His one shot, in my opinion, had the right amount of RP and combat, and I look forward to playing in Alejandro's next game.

"Knott Bearkin", Dwarven Barbarian

As a new player, Alejandro helped me get up to speed and immersed in my first game right away. He's a clear and engaged teacher, an inventive and flexible DM, and a whiz with fun character voices. Highly recommended!

Lindsey D.

The past couple of one-shots have been some of the most interesting I have ever played in. The amount of effort put into giving the NPCs/setting life and character is amazing, and I really felt like my character and I were visiting a new world.

Jossten C.