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Alex can be booked for games directly via Tabletale Games. For details and more information, visit: www.tabletalegames.com


Hi! I am a long time theatre actor, director, teaching artist, and dungeon master!

With a decade of dice-rolling under my belt, I currently coordinate an organized play program at my

Friendly Local Game Store, and I run Dungeons & Dragons for conventions and special events. I've created and run games for players 7 to 84, seasoned players to total newcomers - anyone can play, and I'm excited to share these games with you!


Whether we're playing a classic adventure or creating something brand new - I love injecting personality and narrative into every session and improvising off of the whackadoodle hijinks of my players! As a trained stage combatant, I'm no stranger to imaginary battle, but I'm most interested in creating good ol' fashioned character driven stories with you.

I'm usually running D&D 5e, but I love FATE (core and accelerated), Apocalypse World, and anything by Jason Morningstar.

I also love picking up and learning new systems as well as teaching systems to new players. So if none of that made any sense or you're new to tabletop games, I'd be happy to introduce you!

With COVID-19 shutting down all theaters, schools, and even my local game store- I suddenly find myself with even more time to run some fantastic games for all of you! Hop over to www.tabletalegames.com to see the games I am currently offering, or if you are interested in something specific, learn about TableTale's private sessions and let's adventure together!

Alex’s DMing is the epitome of ‘yes, and’ - rewarding players for making bold, exciting choices that make for unforgettable games

Aaron Q.

To me, [Alejandro is] the best DM in town because [he's] a phenomenal storyteller, great community builder, and socially conscious leader. My only feedback would be I want more games! I super enjoy playing games with him, and it's been incredibly helpful for my mental health.

Wanda J.

Alejandro Tey is the Michael Jordan of Dungeons & Dragons.

Zack B.